Dynastra Tabletop (FOSS but currently private)

UX Design, UI Design
  • jordancraw@riseup.net

  • https://dynastra-tabletop-docs.netlify.app/

I previously worked on a Virtual Tabletop project, but it just wasn’t the kind of FOSS project that I think a Virtual Tabletop needed. I decided to start my own because I have the experience, but I want someone who is a UX/UI designer to come on board and help with the development and guidance of the project. The project aims to be professional, and already has defined releases, milestones, epics, user stories, and tasks, onboarding, developer documentation.

The idea with this project is to act professionally, work professionally, and function like a FOSS project that is community-driven, embraces development from anyone and encourages creation of good quality software.

As a lead for the UX/UI, you already have a UX/UI that is built and around 30% complete, but which is somewhat barebones. The world is your oyster - I will defer to you if you can provide a good argument for changing something and I’ll of course defer to expertise.