Owncast - The free and open source live streaming and chat server
web design, graphic design, interfaces
Web design

Web design, graphic design, iconography.


Owncast is a growing open source project that for over a year have empowered live streamers to take control over their live streams, no longer requiring them to hand over their content and their audience to the large, centralized corporate enterprises.

There is an energetic community regularly using Owncast to stream a variety of content, and people really are excited by the project. It’s a special thing to be a part of, knowing that your work allows people to do control their own destiny. It’s seriously some cool stuff full of cool people.

While the team behind it are a great group, as the project grows new features are requiring a skill set we don’t currently have, somebody with an eye for design, knowing how to put the right things things in just the right places to make polished experiences for users.

We hope you might want to join the project and help us take us from the slightly utilitarian approach that many open source projects have to the next level. As this is an open source project that is volunteer based, we’re totally open for different types of relationships. If you love the project and the idea of being a part of it, but only want to jump in when there’s something specific to talk about, that works! Or if you want to be involved in the day to day operation of the project, its features, schedules and planning, we’d love that too!

Have questions? Please reach out! I’d love to share the current state of the project and what we’ve been up to recently.