Woodpecker CI
ui, accessibility, usability, issue creation, interviews
accessibility, ui, usability

UI improvements via suggestions with relevant accompanying design files. Conversation and collaboration with developers on these design recommendations. Helping do design in the open.

  • https://matrix.to/#/#woodpecker-ci:matrix.org

  • https://matrix.to/#/#woodpecker-ci:matrix.org https://woodpecker-ci.org/

Woodpecker is a CI tool

The developers of Woodpecker have noticed that there are many ways the accessibility and usability can be improved of the tool but they need help froma. designer in getting started with how to understand the needs of users, improve some UI accessibility and generally improve the tool for users. For example: A developer said that the contrast of text and other UI in dark mode could be improved.

The team would also want the designer to improve other usability aspects of the tool and help them label and capture these in issues on their repository.