graphic design, icons, UI design
Graphic design, UI design

A set of instrument icons. The artwork, icons and associated assets are to be provided under a CC-BY 4.0 licence.

  • gilgongo@phreak.co.uk

  • https://github.com/jamulussoftware

Jamulus is open-source software that enables musicians to perform music in real-time online. Currently, elements of our UI are outdated and need some updating.

To start, we’re looking for design contributors to help with our instrument icon set. Right now, our instrument icons do not have a consistent style, as they have been created by different contributors or been downloaded elsewhere from the web. This instrument icon set will help us build on our style and branding elements.

In addition, once the instrument set is complete, we’re also open to contributors to work on design elements of the project, both on the Jamulus UI and/or its website.