Grazer Linuxtage
logo, conference logo, graphic design
Logo design

A logo, preferred as vector graphic.

  • Boerny

  • Works from the last year could be found here:

    Our website:

Grazer Linuxtage is an annually conference about free and open hard and software, based in Graz, with 500 - 800 attendees .

We celebrate our 20th event in 2023, and looking for an design person that craft an logo for us. In best case we get an component (svg, png), that we can simply use in our templates

We have Inkscape templates for Posters, info screens, bags, beer mat

Our Motto is “Erleuchtet” (enlighted), and the Logo should reflect this as well.

Works from the last year could be found here: You will see, that the earlier graphics where more simpler, but they made it possible to use it on bags. While later rendered 3D models where used. The Bulb from 2022, also inspired the new topic “enlightenment” (with a flashed bulb) maybe? In the 2022 folder you will find files named component_, to make it more clear how such “component” could look like

Thanks in advance