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Web Design

Mobile first wireframes for (currently, still working on sitemap and ux/ui stuff, obviously) 28 pages.

  • Squiddo (founder, developer) speedrunwebsite@gmail.com

  • Our discord is the best way to contact us, at discord.leaderboards.gg Miro Sitemap (not finalized): https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVOkcBwoE=/?share_link_id=500154809168 Old Figma Files: https://www.figma.com/files/project/34020889/Leaderboards-gg?fuid=996887714666332938 Info site at info.leaderboards.gg

LeaderboardsGG is an open source replacement for a heavily used, corporate-sold competitive leaderboard website.

We need help with making wireframes for a somewhat complex website. We have a ton of user feedback, have our mvp functions outlined (might be missing things). You would be able to help pull it all together so we have a deliverable that we can give to the front end developers, who are ready.