UI design, frontend development
UI Designer and/or Developer

No single deliverable but close collaboration with the lead developer to drive UI development. Contract work based on time.

  • Chris (lead developer) <mail @ clstaudt.me>

  • https://prototypefund.de https://flet.dev

Tuttle is an open-source software project supported by the Prototype Fund. We develop a time and finance management tool tailored for the requirements of freelancers.

While the core functionality has been implemented as a Python library, reaching the target users requires building a desktop app that can be used by non-programmers. The project would benefit from experience in designing the user experience for entering and managing user data, managing settings, running functions, etc. Ideally the designer is also a frontend developer proficient in Python and/or Flutter, able to prototype the UI in running code. Plus points if you are also a freelancer and thereby part of the target audience for the app.