UltraStar Play: SingStar-like singing game looking for designer, make this open source gem eye candy
graphic, game, UI, UX, effects, design
Game design

Image files, style sheets, or concept art

  • email@ultrastar-play.com

  • Website: https://ultrastar-play.com Press Kit: https://ultrastar-play.com/presskit.zip IndieDB: https://www.indiedb.com/games/ultrastar-play GitHub: https://github.com/UltraStar-Deluxe/Play Discord: https://discord.gg/PAUJFKCGbb YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ultrastar_play Download latest release: https://github.com/UltraStar-Deluxe/Play/releases/latest

UltraStar Play took on the legacy of a popular singing game from the last decade. The gameplay has aged well but visually there is room for improvement.

Find the game on GitHub (MIT license) The game is created with the Unity game engine. The Unity “UI Toolkit” uses style sheets (subset of CSS), and XML layout (similar to HTML).

From color palettes, over visual effects and graphic assets, to a more thought-out UI, contributions are welcome.