UX Clinic poster design
poster design, graphic design, poster, sign making, typography,
poster design, graphic design, poster, sign making, typography,

A poster in A4 paper size format as a digital file able to be sent via email or downloadable link from a file service.

  • eriolfox@hotmail.com

  • https://github.com/opensourcedesign/opensourcedesign.github.io/blob/master/presentations/UX%20Clinic.pdf

Open Source Design runs design clinics at various conferences and we’d like to make sure we can decorate our stand and our helpers for the clinic! things we’ll need:

Posters designed by community members - A5, A4 or A3 paper size - a file format (.pdf .jpg .png)

Name tags with a blank space for a persons name and pronouns to be written - 8cm high x 10cm width

Sign up sheet for a OSS project to put their project name, details, needs and a time slot - A4 size

Fake doctor magazine covers about design and ux - A4/magazine cover size

Fake medicine boxes but it’s to do with UX and design

anything else you think would be fun for the UX clinic! You can find some previous presentation content made about the UX Clinic here: https://github.com/opensourcedesign/opensourcedesign.github.io/blob/master/presentations/UX%20Clinic.pdf