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I am looking for someone to join my team, i am software developer and at my day job i lead a small team of people, in my spare time i am always trying to contribute to society by creating free software that benefits the people and not the companies around the world.

There are no time commitments, we work whenever we have time and the only requirement that i have is someone that shares my passion to make the world a better

The ideal person for the job would be someone that is well versed with UI/UX, Branding and any design software of your own choice. Since this is not a paid position i am open to people with any type of experience, we are all together in this journey to grow.

Currently, i have two software projects that i am planning to finish this year. Let me tell you more a bout the first one that would be quicker.

The name is KeyFortress and it’s a new authentication application, with support for end to end encryption, and built in protocol for passwordess authentication, it might be a bit early for the adoption on the market, but being first is never a bad thing.

You can read a bit more on the protocol here:

I have a working version of the application already, and i plan to release it for Windows, Linux, MacOS, IOS, and Android. So i am looking for a partner that is here for the long run, and i do hope that in the process we manage to establish something bigger together.

Currently only IOS and Android have an MVP, but probably the end of the month there will be MVPs for the 3 desktops as well.

The tech stack that i currently use for those that are interested is:

Flutter/Dart - for both the Desktop and Mobile applications HTMX,Express, Blazor for all web based consumers (Couple of example web pages so we can demonstrate how the login works) A .Net core API that all of the Web pages use to authenticate against

I am also looking for other roles, so if you want to contribute but don’t find yourself fitting these requirements, hit me up, we will figure something out.