API, low-code, iPaaS, integration, vuejs, web application
Application Design

We already have a logo, colour palette, fonts, design approach and designs for a few screens sketched out. This needs expanding into other (known screens), user pathways examined and new functionality suggested to make the UX better.

  • John (Technical Director) john@apiopenstudio.com

  • Wiki: https://wiki.apiopenstudio.com/ ApiOpenStudio Core: https://gitlab.com/apiopenstudio/apiopenstudio ApiOpenStudio Admin (old, MVP): https://gitlab.com/apiopenstudio/apiopenstudio_admin ApiOpenStudio Admin (new, WIP): https://gitlab.com/apiopenstudio/apiopenstudio_admin_vue

ApiOpenStudio is comprehensive, pluggable and Open Source, allowing fast creation of secure REST APIs with full logic and granular access management