'Interaction design', 'UX study'

Wireframes (or mock-ups) of the player screen and its associated screens/modals. A design review document would be nice to have.


AntennaPod is a well-known open-source app for Android to subscribe and listen to podcasts. The podcast space is innovating, and we want to add a whole bunch of functionalities. Many of these features need to be made accessible from the player screen. We need to find a way to do that, while keeping the screen clean and user friendly.

What we’ll work on updating/integrating specifically:

  • New: Way to open transcript
  • New: Speaker image + name (based on transcript)
  • New: Way to open podcast comments (ActivityPub replies) + ideally an indicator of number of comments (to encourage to look)
  • New: Display of current chapter title
  • Adapt: Way to access shownotes & chapters
  • Adapt: Chapter navigation
  • Adapt: Sleep timer button
  • New: Sleep timer remaining time indication
  • To consider for the future: bookmark timestamp; value4value streaming & boost (payment functionality)

We would love to get a small group (2-3) of experienced UX/UI designers to help us redefine the player screen. We expect this exercise to take about 6 months (about 2 hours per week on average: 1 hour work, 1 hour meeting). AntennaPod core team members will be heavily involved (you’re not left to your own devices).