Open Source Design Manifesto

1. Open Source Design connects open source and design

We connect open source workflows with human-centered design. We value usability, empowerment, sustainability, collaboration and transparency.

2. Open Source Design is inclusive

We are inclusive to newcomers and act with humility. We are open to constructive criticism, discourse and feedback. We have a diverse representation of people in our projects and communities.

3. Open Source Design is collaborative and remixable

Design is a team effort and multiple perspectives provide a richer result. Every work builds upon prior information and intellectual work. We creatively copy and remix with attribution and gratitude.

4. Open Source Design is empathic

Our responsibility is to make products usable for a diverse audience. Our work is universally accessible.

5. Open Source Design is part of a process

Design is a continuous part of a larger development process. It is informed by research and testing, and starts at the very beginning of a product.

6. Open Source Design is ethical

We design with respect and ethics in mind. People’s privacy and time is honored. Our design processes and tools compliment these values.

7. Open Source Design is educational

We share knowledge and teach skills. We help designers get involved in open source, and help open source developers make their products better through good design.

8. Open Source is respectful.

We encourage creators respecting others and their own work. We believe respectful citations and references are cornerstone for any kind of collaborative work.