We talked about:

  • the possibilities of support networks outside of unions for freelancers and designers within companies [irc].
  • restructuring the organization’s repository structure. There’s been some complaints from people interested in our project that they’re getting too many notifications if they don’t unwatch specific repositories. There’s also no clear “main”, “discussion”, or “meta” repository. [irc], [irc].
  • IRC and open communication. We’ve started working on Slick, an open source IRC client that is meant to challenge Slack. [irc], [irc], [irc], [irc], [irc].
  • private conversations and PGP [irc].
  • discussed creating a task tracker within OpenHatch to track design jobs [irc]. This is an action item.
  • transparency in Open Source projects, and how that can be used for showing how people contribute to projects, and seeing whether it can provide funding. [irc]. [irc].
  • a mentorship program with funding made available to work with us on smaller projects, where more established members in the Open Source Design community would work alongside people who don’t usually have time to introduce them to the community, while using the funding to ensure that they can make the time. [irc]
  • the scope of Open Source Design. [irc].

On GitHub


  • We now have an events page
  • We attended and presented at OpenTechSummit in Berlin [irc]. Jan Dittrich presented on the difficulties present when designing for open source projects. We also had a nice little meetup at OTS with some contributors on the project.
  • We were at the Libre Graphics Meeting in Toronto [link]. Jan-Christoph Borchardt presented on Open Source Design and his experiences working on ownCloud. There was also a small workshop on design-reviews of each other’s projects.
  • We had one online/in-person meet-up where we finally launched our site [link].